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U# 2295 CEI AT35ML-40.5-3209

U# 2330 CEI A35HCL-26-4023

U# 2347 CEI AT35L 1994 40' Feed Trailer

U# 2345 CEI 2000 40.5' Trailer

U# 2328 CEI A35HCL 26'

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What CEI is all about

With over 40 years of experience, CEI Equipment is recognized as an industry leader for design innovation and quality manufacturing of aluminum feed transportation equipment.

Today, CEI Equipment produces a broad range of aluminum feed transportation equipment that is used throughout the world. Our equipment is offered in either straight bulk or combination bag and bulk designs with capacities ranging from 2 ton bodies to 30 ton semitrailers.

Because feed transportation is our only business, we are committed to all aspects of the equipment buying and owning experience. CEI Equipment is a full-service facility capable of repairs, reconditioning and rebuilding feed transportation equipment of all makes and models.

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